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What is your idea of a perfect garden? Would you have trees, flowers, lawns or water features?

How does your garden grow? Is everything coming up roses or has it all gone to seed?

Starting The Perfect Garden by : Mary Lorainne

Starting the perfect garden really seems like it should be a simple task. In reality, there is much to be considered when attempting to create the perfect garden. What may constitute a perfect garden on two acres of land certainly wouldn’t be the same perfect garden on a plot in the city. The perfect garden for New England will not constitute the perfect garden for Florida. There is much to be considered when trying to determine what the perfect garden for you will become in reality.

The perfect garden, whether large or small, will have ample variety. Variety of course, means flowers that bloom throughout various times of the year. If you live in a temperate climate, which would mean that you want flowers that bloom from spring through fall. In warmer climates, you will want flowers that bloom all year long.

Highlighting the perfect garden with a variety of small trees and shrubs can add character to your perfect creation. The perfect garden shouldn’t look quite like everyone else’s but reflect your own personal style and character. Researching the flowers that you find attractive is a good place to start, and of course the internet can be a powerful place to start. When you have determined the appropriate flowers that will contribute to your perfect garden, finding a few small and unusual trees should be easier. You will be able to tell if the trees or shrubs will match the chosen flowers for your perfect garden.

You will want to be sure that whatever small trees and shrubs you choose will remain an appropriate size. Nobody wants their accent pieces to overtake their perfect garden. There are numerous varieties of trees that will add beauty to the garden’s décor without overtaking the garden altogether. Small Japanese trees often are a good place to start when considering adding these accent pieces to your perfect garden. However, their popularity is on the rise and you may want to try to find something even more unique. Your local flower or landscaping store can guide you in these purchases. You will want to be able to tell them which flowers you have chosen for your perfect garden when inquiring about accent trees and shrubs.

Before randomly digging holes to plant your perfect garden, you will want to lay out each piece in the place you believe they will work best. This will give you a visual effect and then you can determine whether your perfect garden is fit to be dug.

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