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The garden shed - a place of work or a place to escape work?

Is it a room with a view or a sight to behold?

What goes on behind the closed door of your garden shed?

Garden sheds are very personal places and their contents or state of order is often a statement about the character of their owner.

If you have a shed, is yours a place of quiet refuge from the day's pressures and stresses? Is it where you go to make important decisions, is it a place of industry where all your home improvements are conceived or is it just used for storage? Do you go there to think or to work or maybe just to think about work?

Are its contents orderly and organized on shelves and hooks with a place for everything and everything in its place or are they crammed in and the shed door slammed shut and bolted? Does it contain useful tools and materials or is it just a dumping ground for things you just couldn't bear to throw out? For example, is it full of rusting tins of paint whose colors long ago went out of fashion?

Is its primary use for making things, doing work on the house or the garden or as a refuge from the rest of your family?

Is the shed near the house and more or less an extension of it or is it hidden away at the bottom of the garden?

What sort of shed is it? Is it a traditional wooden shed, is it made of plastic, steel or aluminum or is it an old brick building? Is it warm and dry or does its roof leak and its windows let in the wind and rain? Is it painted or creosoted or is it overgrown with ivy, clematis or another creeping plant?

So, there are some ideas about how you could describe your garden shed - maybe you can think of others? Why not tell us about it?


Garden Shed


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