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When I was young

When I was young there were only three channels
Cricketers used to wear white shirt and flannels

No health & safety to spoil all the fun
Sweet, Mud or Slade were at number one

Love hearts were good, Spangles were fab
Aztec bars and sherbet dabs

There was no suduko, just puzzles and riddles
Snickers were Marathons, pisses were piddles

Cluedo and Ludo, Space hoppers, Kerplunk
Fights with your sister, on the top bunk

No pay per view, all free to air sport
Skive off on Friday for the end of Crown Court

I just thought that things would get better and better
No "C U l8r", you wrote them a letter.

'Cos mobiles were something that hung from the ceiling
No global warming, reiki or faith healing

No psycho babble, no turmoil, no angst
But if someone was nice at least you said thanks

Only the monkeys and horses got groomed
You could comfort a child and no one assumed

The worst. Kids could play alone in the park
Kicking a football 'till well after dark

They could get to the pictures for under a quid
And surfing was something Australians did

A Beano at 20p seemed really dear
Instead of an ASBO, a clip round the ear.

Randall & Hopkirk, Cartoon Cavalcade
Herbs, Wacky races, R. White's lemonade

Magpie, White Horses, you had to be there
To really appreciate "Jeux Sans Frontieres"

My decade of childhood has got a bad press
It's had a good kicking, it's under duress

Three day weeks and kipper ties
Black & White Minstrels and government lies

Love thy Neighbour, Vesta curry with rice
Ok, I admit it wasn't all nice

But forget all the crap you hear about strikes
Power cuts, inflation and bad Chopper bikes

I wish I could go back to when I was small
And show you the Seventies rocked after all.

by Malcolm Porteous

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