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Love poems - the age-old way of expressing those inner feelings

The ode, ode story for when plain speaking just won't do - take the word of the prose for it!

Love poems aren't just a romantic notion - why not write one and submit it to our free anthology of poetry?

Love Poems make up the majority of any anthology a poet like myself attempts to organise. One might wonder why one such aspect of poetry has such a following - are we really that romantic, for example?

No, Love Poems are multi-faceted; in fact they can refer to just about all relationships whether or not the individuals are actually in love. Love poems don't have to just be ways of saying 'I love you' in verse, they can be used to describe many other situations. Let's consider what love poems can be used for.

  • Romantic love - the classic suitor turned poet expressing his or her love as a poem or ode.
  • Passionate love - where one party wants to escalate the physical aspect of love.
  • Affectionate love - given for the pleasure of pleasing the recipient without desire to gain.
  • Compassionate love - caring love for one who cannot help themselves.
  • Selfless love - where the needs of the other party are the sole consideration.
  • Patriarchal love - esteem for one's country, culture and way of life.
  • Infatuated love - obsessive or misdirected love given without logic or thought of reciprocation.
  • Puppy love - that first romance, crush or romantic feeling - a love which can never be equalled because it will always be unsullied.
  • True friendship - a closeness or camaraderie that often only manifests itself in times of hardship or conflict.

.... and where they can be used;

  • Gifts - love poems make wonderful personal presents. Express your innermost feelings for the one you love on a special occasion such as a birthday, Christmas, New Year or anniversary.
  • Dating - best not given in the first few meetings, love poems can allow you to explore your feelings for your new partner.
  • Messages - even a simple message such as arranging a meeting can be made more romantic by a few well-chosen words.
  • Apologies - romance can be used to defuse most faux-pas; give it a try!
  • Thank you's - likewise love poems can be used to emphasise your pleasure from the present or action you have just benefited from.
  • Invitations - welcome your love one in romantic verse.
  • Describing emotions - stuck for words? Don't flounder with the spoken word, say it in a poem. It is much easier to express those innermost feelings with poetry than prose.

You can probably think of many more uses of love poems - why not write a few and then submit them to us here at poem-and-poet?

Hope you enjoyed our suggestions for writing love poems. 

Love Poems


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