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Love Poems

Here are the love pieces - poetry and linked prose about love, loving, being loved, not being loved, lovers ...

Whatever your interest in love, whether happily established with a life partner, just experiencing the first pangs or longing for a perfect relationship, you will find a poem to encourage, inspire or comfort you.



Gift to my beloved - Poem
Gift to my beloved - Story

Path pertains to love - Poem
Path pertains to love - Story

Always and forever - Poem
Always and forever - Story

My one true love - Poem
My one true love - Story

What more can I say? - Poem
What more can I say? - Story

I can't stop thinking of you - Poem
I can't stop thinking of you - Story

Fruits from a forbidden tree - Poem
Fruits from a forbidden tree - Story

Vehement vision - Poem
Vehement vision - Story

The one - Poem
The one - Story

I will be to you - Poem
I will be to you - Story

Tasting the rainbow - Poem
Tasting the rainbow - Story

If you did not exist - Poem
If you did not exist - Story

Kryptonite - Poem
Kryptonite - Story



My wish - Poem
My wish - Story

If only... - Poem
If only... - Story

Millions - Poem
Millions - Story

The Ice Queen - Poem
The Ice Queen - Story



Love is a miracle - Poem
Love is a miracle - Story

I love the way - Poem
I love the way - Story

Our love is deep - Poem
Our love is deep - Story

What love is - Poem
What love is - Story

Until my dying day - Poem
Until my dying day - Story



In all that I am, you still care - Poem
In all that I am, you still care - Story

Forever - Poem
Forever - Story

Rebirth - Poem
Rebirth - Story

Your voice - Poem
Your voice - Story

Forever, mine - Poem
Forever, mine - Story



Angel's grace - Poem
Angel's grace - Story

One look - Poem
One look - Story

Natalie's poem - Poem
Natalie's poem - Story

First time I saw you - Poem
First time I saw you - Story

So happy - Poem
So happy - Story

Losing something - Poem
Losing something - Story

Trust - Poem
Trust - Story

Body language - Poem
Body language - Story



Forever and always - Poem
Forever and always - Story

Sing to me an elegy - Poem
Sing to me an elegy - Story

I wonder - Poem
I wonder - Story

Loving you - Poem
Loving you - Story

Love into old age - Poem
Love into old age - Story

Watching you without me - Poem
Watching you without me - Story

Tiny - Poem
Tiny - Story

Lovers - Poem
Lovers - Story

Stars - Poem
Stars - Story



Time to let go - Poem
Time to let go - Story

Will you ever learn? - Poem
Will you ever learn? - Story

Forbidden fruit - Poem
Forbidden fruit - Story

January night - Poem
January night - Story

The bitter edge of love - Poem
The bitter edge of love - Story

Coat - Poem
Coat - Story



Poem for the losing - Poem
Poem for the losing - Story

Untitled sonnet (about a friendship) - Poem
Untitled sonnet (about a friendship) - Story

A proposal - Poem
A proposal - Story

Flowers, wars and graveyards - Poem
Flowers, wars and graveyards - Story

Will you still love me? - Poem
Will you still love me? - Story



Doves that get lost in the clouds - Poem
Doves that get lost in the clouds - Story

I'll never dare - Poem
I'll never dare - Story

No love - Poem
No love - Story

Remember me? - Poem
Remember me? - Story

Heartache - Poem
Heartache - Story

Unrequited - Poem
Unrequited - Story



Once and once, only - Poem
Once and once, only - Story

Touchstone - Poem
Touchstone - Story

Cotton fields - Poem
Cotton fields - Story

Is the silence talking? - Poem
Is the silence talking? - Story

Glimpses of dreams, awake - Poem
Glimpses of dreams, awake - Story

A silent conversation - Poem
A silent conversation - Story

Firefly - Poem
Firefly - Story

I fantasized - Poem
I fantasized - Story

Maybe - Poem
Maybe - Story

Visions of love - Poem
Visions of love - Story

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