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A poem for the losing

I don't like feeling that we're losing what we had, but I do. I move to get closer to you, but you pull away it feels.
I don't know what's in your mind.
I don't know what's in my own mind.
Is it all in my mind?
Leaving behind the honeymoon period is one thing, this is something else.
I used to fight to make you love me.
Now I feel I fight just for us to survive.
Is this the beginning of the end, or just the end of the beginning?
All I know for sure is I love you as much as I ever did; no, more than ever, much more.
This feeling of losing makes me want to protect myself! But from who? You??
I feel like I'm going mad. But wait.
Hold on a second, my frame of mind, that's what's pushing us apart.
How do I tell you I finally realize?
More importantly, how do I make you believe in me again?
Words are words, we've had enough of those.
Be strong, damn it!
SHOW that you love before it's too late!
I'm awake, I'm alive again, I can see clearly now.
I need to see you now.
I see you and I tell you I love you. A half-hearted reply falls from your lips.
You're thinking one of two things now.
You either love me no more, or you're thinking "do you really, though".
I pluck the courage to face the truth, and ask your thoughts. And you reply:-
I don't like feeling that we're losing what we had, but I do.
I move to get closer to you but you pull away, it feels..............

by Craig Waters

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