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Glimpses of dreams, awake

We were someone's dream - not mine
or yours,
but someone’s.

We were that kind of dream where you're you, but not you, I'm me, but not me...

I know we were a dream, because no one meets and frolics and explores like children when they don't even know each other,
but we did.

No one promptly removes their clothes and walks into a rough ocean in the middle of the night,
but we did.

I know we were in a dream, someone's dream,
because we kissed like we couldn't get enough.

We ignored scraping skin
and sprawled
on cold damp sand.

A dream - a lovers' dream.
Where you ate so ferociously
and I caught glimpses of the stars.

It wasn't my dream,
because it was better than in my dreams.

What a dream to have.

We found each other -

In someone's dream.

by Kathleen Moll

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