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Until my dying day

Like an angel from heaven,
with wings hidden beneath his coat,
he came into her life as she was sinking,
took her hand and made her float.
She drifted on clouds of love
high above the world below.
He held tight onto her hands
and whispered: "I'll never let you go."
He stared into her eyes,
his, blue as the sea;
she held onto his hands and said:
"Why do you love me?"
He thought for a moment,
then he began to speak,
his voice like a beautiful melody
that always made her weak.
"It would take forever to count the reasons
and I'm not sure I could find the words,
but I will stand by you forever,
so I guess we have all the time in the world.
I love the way you light up my life
just by smiling my way;
I love the way your hair shines
in the sun on a summer's day.
I love your child-like innocence
and the honesty in your eyes;
I love the way your kiss feels,
the way my soul always flies.
I love everything about you,
there's no more I can say,
and I will keep on loving you
until my dying day."
A single tear rolled down his cheek
and she said: "Please don't cry."
He looked at her and answered:
"I'm crying because someday
I know I'll have to say goodbye."
Fifty years later,
in a hospital bed,
she thought of the life they had shared,
every word they had ever said.
Sitting beside her was her angel,
tears falling from his eyes,
he looked at her and said:
"This is why I cried."
She wiped his tears and took his hand,
and looked into his eyes, as blue as the sea.
She whispered: "Tell me one more time,
why do you love me?"
He kissed her lips and smiled,
then sat on the edge of her bed,
he took her hand, looked into her eyes and said:
"I love everything about you,
there's no more I can say,
and I will keep on loving you,
until my dying day."

by Stephanie Wilson

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