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Blackie the dog

My second love came in the form of a dog
A leg on each corner and a head up above
And Blackie was his name
Yes Blackie was his name

A patchwork quilt of fur black and skin
More kin to a pig then Rin-Tin-Tin.
So we called him Blackie
Yes we called him Blackie

Black his countenance as too his soul
Once a pretty pup but then just plain foul
They called him Blackie

Found on a doorstep 'lone and disheveled
He came, He saw AND he smelled
Our Blackie
Our own dear Blackie

Only one ear; the milk-lady he attacked her
With canine hiatus and copious saliva

And though he knew no known taboo
He'd rather be him than you
Woof! Woof!
Woof! Woof!

Eloquently he confessed and reluctantly expressed
His puzzlement at our greed and excess...
Blackie the Blessed

Now you're saying "Blackie's a sanctimonious ****!"
Well see him go on the leg of one of the neighbors
Go !

But he pushed his luck with their hydrangeas
Old Keegan came out next door and shot him...

May the gods smile down on that prostrate form
Four vertical paws on a manicured lawn

by Michael Speakman

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