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Temple and time

Once, the centuries ago,
Far away in distant lands
Where winds for all time blow,
Temple stood in swirling sands.

Rites of magick mighty sages
Carried out in its halls,
Turning ancient parchment pages
Inside temple stone walls.

Daemons served the wizards there,
Greater spirits of the past.
They could tell to all who care
Things, for ages gone and passed.

Once high risen in the air,
Now deep in sea asleep,
Shades of abyss only dare
Through the halls of temple creep.

Neither wisdom priests did know,
Nor the many spells and charms
Could save temple from the glow
Of the fateís destroying arms.

Wizards did become too proud
With a power they had
They at last away threw shroud
Hiding things that can drive mad

Once worshipped and then forgotten,
Is not that a course of things?
Flourished was whatís now rotten,
All abandoned, realms and kings.

Likewise temples, no matter
How great or how high,
Even those gods canít shatter,
All are going to die.

Time is only lord that master
Every single thing on earth;
Sometimes slow, sometimes faster
It does kill, to give new birth.

by Gabriel Rawling

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