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Where have all the young men gone?

Where have all the young men gone?
Shot down in their prime every one.
Bullets flying everywhere, gun smoke still lingering in the air.
When will we ever learn?
Mothers left with babies all alone,
Young fathers dead under a cold grave stone.

Good old USA. Everything you do and say we want to imitate in every way.
To you it's a way of life to protect and serve,
You believe it's your right.
Now we want to do the same;
When George Bush speaks we follow in shame.

It's not about black and white; now it' a gun
When it used to be a fist fight.
At least before you could walk away,
Live to fight another day.

But the rules have suddenly changed; a gun comes out
In the middle of rage.
Now you know youíve won the fight
When youíre the last man standing
Alive at the end of the night.

Blood is flowing in Britainís streets.
Another funeral is being arranged next week.
Another mother has lost her son;
Now his brother picks up the gun

Some say itís about respect or money owed,
Another a lost bet. One thing is for sure:
The gun is not an accessory to look cool.
The gun is an instrument that takes away life -
Remember that next time you pull it out in a fight.

Where have all the young men gone?
Lost to the bullet every one.
When will we ever learn?


by Annette Foreman

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