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Hosing down the streets

Freedom bleeding in the streets
Freedom unable to stand on two feet
Broken fingers, broken flesh
Torn up clothes and too much death
The earth takes our blood so willingly
Bodies laid in violence down
Why must the cost of freedom be
The silencing of so much sound
Governments gagging, armies in staging
Police forces oppressing their public
Cousins killing cousins
Brothers killing friends
One side gets the nightmare
One side steals the dream
The voice of opposition drowned out
By the voice of long tradition
Power is corruption... temptation is too strong
Weak leaders, warped political figures
Their truth lost to their greed, their false need
So rise the public, so they raise the gun
Beat the children and burn the villages
Run the peasants run
Pepper spray the teens and beat the elders
Run city civilians run
We walk in peace with want for change
They come in force, blood lust growing
We stand with hope, we call for freedoms
They charge with hate, wrist ties waiting
Cut us down, drag us, kick us on the ground
Justice and fairness is never found
Rubber bullets in the park, broken faces in the allies
Water cannons, bodies laying
Children crying, mothers praying
We rise again... to be taken
The earth so willing to bring us home
Knocked down in the war for freedom
No quarter shown
Why must the cost of freedom be
The silencing of so much sound
Cousins killing cousins
Brothers killing friends
Bodies laid in violence down
While freedom crawls for shelter
Bleeding in the streets

by A. S. Gellatly

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