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The scapegoat

The family scapegoat was she
If only they'd let her be
Mother and father found fault with her
Mother hit her, yelled, and screamed
Dad's cruel words brought her agony
Her sisters were affected too
They were against her as she grew
Fights, bruises, screams, verbal abuse
Feeling unloved made her life tough
Being looked upon as not good enough
Mother isolated her from her siblings
Father criticized her about everything
She was never held, loved, or adored
Rather she was beaten down to the floor
Going to school with black and blue eyes
The marks on her body she could not hide
She got beat with the broom
If she did not clean her room
Father got mad for she couldn't do math
Both parents ridiculed her and laughed
Treating her like a monster on earth
They resented her for her birth
They broke her heart repeatedly
Tore her soul up relentlessly
Her emotions were twisted and on fire
Living each day on a roller coaster
Constantly fighting with her siblings
She wanted desperately to just fit in
Children at school made fun of her too
Her anguished spirit was broke in two
It was hard to stand up for herself
For her life at home was a living hell
Her mother kicked her out of the house
She was cold and called a louse
She was consumed with guilt and shame
Crying alone full of grief and pain
They blamed everything on her too
She did not know what to do
Daddy drank beer and cheated at bars
Mom drank too and took pills from jars
Her siblings got abused it's true
Being the family scapegoat was her truth
She was unwanted, rejected, and unloved
Praying to Jesus for his tender love
Jesus was the one who set her free
She is scared from her family
Praying to forgive them but can't forget
Filling her needs that were unmet
She trusts in God and tries to let go
Empowering others so they're not alone
Helping abused children gives her peace
Making a difference sets her soul free

by Donna Solitario

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